Adopt something a little wild.

Adopt a little wild.​

Our wild friends' health and happiness is our number one priority.

Bats are very sweet little creatures that just want to go about their own business, we aim to rehabilitate them and get them back into the wild as soon as we can. However some times we sadly are unable to release a small number of bats back into the wild, if they have a serious tear in their wing they wouldn't survive for very long so we keep them under license to educate the public about the curious night flyer many people rarely see or notice. There are 18 different species, from the size of your pinky finger to the size of your hand. 

Adopt one of our education or rescue bats and receive a certificate, updates on their progress, photographs and a bat related toy as well as a potential chance to see their release into the wild. Fill out the contact us section with your details and which bat you would like to adopt via our newsletter and we will contact you via email to confirm the selection.