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Severn Wildlife Rescue is made up of volunteers, passionate about caring for nature. 

  • Ashley Dale
    Bat Care
    Co-ordinator and Trainer

    I am a registered bat carer under The Bat Conservation Trust and have undergone bat care for over two years. I have rehabilitated a variety of species from birds to bats, manatees to monkeys. I am a licensed ecologist with both Natural England bat level 1 and 2 licenses. I wish to create a safe space for both people and wildlife, to grow and work together and make a positive difference to our UK wildlife species in the form of rescue, rehabilitate and release.

  • Nai Sims
    Wildlife and Graphics

    I've always had a keen interest in animals from a young age, rescuing wildlife as a child and enjoying learning about nature - especially ponds! However, bats have always been a favourite and I remember doing a large project on them in Year 4 and again during my foundation Art year. I'm a professional animal Artist now an have a passion for a variety of species so when the opportunity to learn more arose, I couldn't wait to be more involved.

  • Charley Bird
    Volunteer Welfare

    My love of wildlife began when I small, when I watched the birds in my nan’s garden and she would tell me all about them. I went on to study Animal Management and volunteered as a zookeeper for 2 years with Dartmoor Zoo, mainly working with big cats and bears. I graduated with a BSc from UWE in Wildlife Conservation in 2017 and began training as a bat carer in 2018. Now I avidly defend and protect wildlife whenever the opportunity arises. 

  • Isabella Stephens 
    Wildlife Rescue Telephone 

    I am the first person people speak to when they ring SWR about a rescue. I love being able to assist and chat to people about wildlife. I’ve been studying at the University West of England for five years, and I have been doing lots of volunteering along side. I fell completely in love with bats during my dissertation on the Bechstein’s bat. I am now coming to the end of my masters, and I am working towards a bat licence, a PhD and a very exciting future working with wildlife.

  • Max Alwyn

    One of my earliest memories of nature is counting bats with my sister. We would stand in the garden, excitedly staring up at the roof, after a tip off from our parents that one was seen. Counting them into the darkness, over many late summer evenings, is a very fond part of my childhood. Although I grew up in the country side, and have always had a big crush on just about every animal and insect, an equal love of music and psychology took me in other directions.

  • Emily Wilson
    Admin and Fundraising

    I cannot remember a time where I was not interested in animals. I frequently dazzled my parents with strange animal facts which I had read at primary school. My passion for bats stemmed from a talk from the Avon bat group in which they brought education bats into my primary school, I have been captivated by them ever since. This passion lead me to study diploma Animal Management at Hartpury College and a Zoology BSc at Reading University. 

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