Bethany Lewis

Volunteer Bird Carer

I grew up always surrounded by animals and my love for them has grown ever since. As I got older my interest in conservation also grew and I knew I wanted to do what ever I could to help out our local wildlife. This is where volunteering with SWR came in. I have been with the charity since the start and couldn’t be happier working with such an amazing team of passionate, likeminded people. 

South West England

We have so many dedicated carers, rescue coordinators and ambulance drivers helping save UK wildlife. Here are few of our England volunteers talking about their love for wildlife and their experience.

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Ellie Hack

Volunteer Bat Carer

Ellie is a bat ecologist with over two years experience working in bat research, conservation and consultancy. She has volunteered as a bat carer with Severn Wildlife Rescue since April 2020, and covers areas surrounding Frome including Bath and Wiltshire. Ellie has experience dealing with complex injuries in bats, and bat flight training.

Jonn Dunn

Volunteer Bat Carer

I have stepped into many diverse roles including pangolin keeper, anaesthetic assistant, catching venomous snakes in Sydney, hand-rearing baby birds, tracking radio-collared leopard cats through the Bornean jungle and filming zoo clinics – including a gorilla birth by caesarean section, to name a few.

Nicky Jenner

Volunteer Bat Carer

I am an experienced science writer, editor, and author with a love of wildlife, the environment, and the natural world.  I was part of the core team for the UK Wild Otter Trust for several years. I have worked with the International Union for Conservation of Nature, Wildlife Conservation Network, the Bat Conservation Trust, and Fauna & Flora International. I've undertaken courses in wildlife rescue, rehabilitation, casualty assessment, and first aid at Secret World Wildlife Rescue, and have a PgDip in Biodiversity, Wildlife and Ecosystem Health from the University of Edinburgh (alongside an MSc in Science Communication from Imperial College London). 

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Sasha Remnant

Volunteer Bat Carer

Wildlife Conservation MSc graduate keen to use the knowledge gained from academia and previous employment to protect wildlife and biodiversity. Research interests include entomology, arachnids, British wildlife, primates, big cats, coral reef ecosystems and using iDNA (invertebrate-derived DNA) as a tool for assessing biodiversity. She has worked as a field ecologist relocating amphibians and reptiles, been part of a Scuba Diving Research Team studying coral reef ecosystems in Cuba, as well as a Natural History Curator at Bristol Museum for several years.

Joshua Mitchell

Volunteer Bat Carer

I am an ecologist with 6 years experience, a Natural England bat license, and I am a qualified tree climber. I have a passion for wildlife and especially bats. I look forward to helping Severn Wildlife Rescue and gain more training in bat rehabilitation.

Isabella Stephens

Volunteer Bat Carer/Assistant Director

I fell completely in love with bats during my dissertation on the Bechstein’s bat. I have completed a MSc in Advanced Wildlife Conversation in Practice at UWE and I am working towards a bat licence, I am  an ecologist and have been working as a bat carer for over two years. I absolutely adore bats and is looking forward to training the new recruits this year!

Charlotte Lewis

Volunteer Bird Carer

Alongside my twin sister Bethany I help rehabilitate birds in Bristol. I have had a variety of birds come to me to be cared for such as sparrows and black birds. I am looking forward to helping my sister and SWR in another bird season!

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Jess Cartwright

Volunteer Blog Writer

I am a huge animal lover and passionate about helping them, however big or small they might be. My background is copywriting and creating content so I help write blogs for the website. I have conducted, with my partner Josh Mitchell, bat surveys and other ecology surveys which I really enjoyed.