Ruth Martin

Rescue Coordinatior/Assistant Director

For as long as I can remember, I have been passionate about making life better for animals. If you contact us about an animal in need, I'll almost certainly be the person you speak to! This  rewarding role means I get to talk to the public about wildlife, network with vets, rescues and get distressed animals the help they need.  I recently completed an MSc in Animal Welfare Science, Ethics and Law and I am excited to dedicate the rest of my life and career to this important cause.


We have so many dedicated carers, rescue coordinators and ambulance drivers helping save UK wildlife. Here are few of our Welsh volunteers talking about their love for wildlife and their experience.

Katherine Jones

Volunteer Hedgehog Carer

Hello, I’m Katherine, an artist and architect based in my home town of Cardiff, Wales. 

After 11 years of architectural training, working in various practices and bringing buildings to life, I realised I could help people connect with places in a new way.

I absolutely love wildlife and I have thoroughly enjoyed the training sessions and helping take care of hedgehogs!

Caryn Roberts

Volunteer Hedgehog Carer

I've always cared for animals; feeding the wildlife in the garden as a child, in the hope I'd catch a glimpse of something! Now I'm trying to make my own garden as wildlife friendly as possible. I have two lovely rescue cats and also volunteer at a cats home when I can, hopefully helping to rehab and rehome as many animals as possible.

Rebecca Marsh

Volunteer Bat Carer

I am a training bat carer, and I am absolutely fascinated by them! I began to train as a wildlife rescuer because I want to educate people on wild animals and dispel myths which promote fear or disgust. I would love for people and animals to coexist and for everyone to be as passionate about wildlife as us at SWR. 

Cris Klover

Volunteer Carer

My interest in other animals has been there all my life. I'm from Spain, where I worked with different organizations, sanctuaries (including El Valle Encantado), and individuals committed to animal rights, like myself. In the future, I plan to study to be a nurse, to help humans or non-humans animals... not sure about what type of nursing I'm going to choose. Perhaps SWR helps to tip the scale towards animals. 

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Raul Lopez Mateu

Volunteer Ambulance Driver

I am very passionate about wildlife and want to help where I am able. I often put out camera traps to see what wildlife is around in our local area and I am especially fond of foxes and badgers. I recently helped SWR rescue a pigeon, she is the sweetest little thing and I will cherish that experience.

Silvia Gonzalez Lopez

Volunteer Ambulance Driver

I love wildlife and just would like to give them a helping hand. I joined Severn Wildlife Rescue alongside my partner Raul in the hopes to make a difference to our local wildlife!

Katie Watkins

Volunteer Bat Carer

I am incredibly passionate about helping our local wildlife. I joined SWR in Winter 2020 and I have attended a number of online training courses to get more experience. I am fully rabies vaccinated so I am looking forward to working with bats in the future.

Sam Clews

Volunteer Bat Carer

I've always loved animals since I was very small and used to spend my pocket money on the Wildlife of Britain magazine. After working with animals for the last few years, I wanted to do more to help our wild animal friends. I adore bats and hope to help rescue lots of little bats as a wildlife ambulance driver