Charlotte Day

Registered Zoo Vet Professional 

I am a zoo vet with 12 years’ experience working with wildlife and exotics such as birds and reptiles. I’ve worked with many amazing rescue and conservation organisations in Australia, Africa and Asia, treating endangered species including pangolins, koalas, gorillas, hornbills and cassowaries which are facing threats such as the illegal wildlife trade. I have recently returned from two years in Australia, where I treated lots of unusual native species from echidnas, wombats, flying foxes and pelicans to venomous snakes. Now based back in my home city of Bristol, I am volunteering with SWR to give a helping hand to our local wildlife.

It is so important that we have good relationships with local vets so that we can learn from one another. We have two amazing vet nurses and one vet within our team of volunteers. Here is a little bit about them.

Lauren Valentine


I have been in veterinary practice since 2008 and a qualified vet nurse since 2012. I currently work as an emergency nurse at Valley Vets. Since qualifying I have ventured to many places and worked with many species. I also helped to raise a wild pangolin who was a victim of the poaching crisis in Africa.

I have finished a Zoology Diploma, completed an advanced nursing certificate in zoo species and I am currently studying an International Wildlife Biology Bachelors degree. During my career as a nurse, I have seen many wildlife casualties and I am happy to be working alongside Severn Wildlife Rescue to ensure that our local wildlife has the best possible chance.

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Lucy Sperring


Hi, my name is Lucy and I'm a registered Veterinary Nurse. I qualified as a nurse in 2007 and have 20 years' experience of providing first aid and initial emergency care to wildlife within the charity sector. I currently work for a private veterinary practice in Bristol but still have a love for all things wild.