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Bats, education and conservation specialists

If you have found an injured animal and/or it has been caught by a cat please take to a local vet IMMEDIATELY!


Found an injured animal?


Wildlife Rescued in

PLEASE BE AWARE - we are closed to all new bird admissions until further notice. 

We are currently undergoing a review of our knowledge, skills and volunteer capacity limits. During this time we will only be able to give advice and refer you to your nearest suitable bird rescue and/or vets.

A Second Chance to be Wild

Locations Covered

We are a team of bat and wildlife enthusiasts with knowledge and passion to help wildlife in their time of need.

Caring for Wildlife

Saving wildlife is both rewarding and challenging

Severn Wildlife Rescue mainly takes on bats but can on occasion take on hedgehogs reptiles and dormice. The bats and other wildlife are cared for by our fantastic group of experienced rehabilitators who nurture them back to release them back into the wild.

Caring for bats can be extremely intensive and our dedicated volunteers work tirelessly around the clock to provide a high standard of care. Spring and summer is our busiest time of year, we receive large numbers of baby bats, which require intensive care, baby bat pups will require three hourly feeds 24/7. 

We also run fundraising events to raise awareness and educate the public about wildlife. From adults to young children, we aim to inspire the next generation to do better than us and save our wildlife. If you're passionate about wildlife and want to get involved in helping Severn Wildlife Rescue, we always welcome new volunteers.

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