"I've found a bat,
what should I do?"

Place the bat in a small container with holes.

Bats can escape through hole the size of your little finger, so make sure they can't escape through any tiny holes.


A shoe box is ideal. Other suitable containers include an empty plastic takeaway box with air holes, or even a sock.


Handling the bat directly is not necessary.



The bat can be contained like a spider, by placing a box on top of it and sliding a piece of card underneath.

Alternatively use a cloth or tea towel, cover the bat and gently transfer them into the box.

Place a cloth, such as a tea towel, in the box to give the bat somewhere to hide.

Horseshoe bats are different and must be able to hang freely perhaps using the air holes or the end the box. You may also wedge a wooden stick /cocktail stick in. They are unable to crawl along the ground so make sure that there are towels right next to the water bowel so that they can climb down to drink.

Screenshot 2020-06-20 at 20.37.57.png



Provide a small shallow container of water. A plastic milk bottle lid is ideal. Water should be removed during transport.



Keep the bat indoors in a cool, quiet place away from direct sunlight, animals and small children. Feeding isn't necessary.





Ring the Bat helpline: 

The Bat Conservation Trust on 0345 130 0228

Get in contact with an out of hours person look on the website


If you cannot get help within 24 hours or if it requires urgent medical attention then take the bat to a local vet.

Inform the vet they can obtain further information from The Bat Conservation Trust.