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Our Story

Preserving wildlife populations

for generations to come.

Severn Wildlife Rescue started as a way to bring like minded people together, to enable passionate individuals to help protect our bat and wildlife species in the UK.


We mainly rescue bats as we have the best facilities to save this species, but we do on occasion rehab small mammals dependant on facilities and experience.


We started with just six experienced wildlife rehabilitators during the COVID- 19 pandemic in May 2020. During this period so many rescues were forced to close their doors to wildlife and the public due to the risk that we all faced to this virus. 


Luckily for us we are a network of now 30 homebased carers, we do not have a base which has worked in our favour. It meant that we could thrive during a time where others faced terrible difficulties. It meant we could continue to help wildlife and people throughout the pandemic.


We have a fantastic team who rescue, rehabilitate and release UK bat and wildlife species. The rescue was founded by Ashley Dale, Emily Wilson, Naomi Sim and Charley Bird. Their vision is to create a wildlife rescue which encompasses the Avon and Cardiff areas to give wildlife a second chance in life.

Over the last century British wildlife populations have suffered major declines due to an increase in human and wildlife conflict, habitat fragmentation and increase in human development.

Severn Wildlife Rescue aims to help with wildlife conservation and to preserve their populations for generations to come.

What We Do

Our dedicated volunteers work tirelessly around the clock to provide a high standard of care.

Severn Wildlife Rescue specialises in bats, but does on occasion take on small mammals, hedgehogs, reptiles and dormice. These animals are cared for by our fantastic group of experienced wildlife rehabilitators who nurture them back to release them back into the wild.

We also run fundraising events to raise awareness and educate the public about wildlife. From adults to young children, we aim to inspire the next generation to do better than us and save our wildlife.


We have a dormouse conservation project at Dean Farm Trust where we have managed to get funds to put out 50 dormouse boxes in the area to find out if there are any dormice in the area. Katie Watkins our dormouse licenced ecologist who manages and runs this project with us. 


Rescue, Rehabilitate, Release

BAND_Severn Wildlife Rescue_2022-10-22-11-02-08.jpg


Members of the public contact us directly or are referred to us by helplines such as the Bat Conservation Trust, informing us of a patient in need of rescue. Local veterinary clinics and the RSPCA also pass wildlife in need of help on to us.  Patients from other bat carers are also taken on by us if this is required.



Once collected the patient is assessed for injures and illnesses. It will then fall into one of four categories.

1. Short term

Patients that need rehydration and food, then release will follow.

2. Injured

Patients requiring veterinary assistance, medication and longterm care.

3. Hand-rearing

Orphaned wildlife reared until old enough for release.

4. Overwintering

This includes a mixture of juveniles and adults rescued during winter. 

Pre-release Flight/Assessment- All bats and birds will undergo a flight assessment before release.



After animals are clear to be released and are showing signs of full health and normal behaviour they will either be hard or soft released back into the wild.

Soft release is gradually a-customising an animal to the new wild environment. 

Hard release is finding a suitable environment and releasing the animal. Whenever possible we try to release in the location the animal was found.

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