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"I've found a rodent, what should I do?

Found an injured or bleeding rodent

Scenario A

Place the rodent in a small box with holes so they can breathe.


A shoe box is ideal or larger box is suitable depending on the size of the rodent.

Wear gloves and place a small heat source (luke warm water bottle) if possible.


Take to the local vets or call a wildlife rescue. 

Found a baby rodent

Scenario B

If the baby is not in immediate danger and is in a nest, leave it where you have found it and the parents should return. 

If you cannot locate the nest or the baby is in immediate danger then refer to scenario A. 

Found an adult rodent

Scenario C

If the adult isn't injured then re-release outside in a hedgerow or place with cover. Keep your pets indoors. If the rodent keeps coming in doors use a humane trap and re-release 2 miles away from your house in a hedgerow or place with cover. Please do not use poisons as it can seriously impact the ecosystem and potentially kill other wildlife that prey on rodents. This includes household pets. 

If injured then refer to scenario A.



If you cannot get help within 24 hours or if it requires urgent medical attention then take the rodent to a local vet.

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