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"I've found a hedgehog,

what should I do?"

Found an injured or bleeding hedgehog

Scenario A

Place the hedgehog in a box with holes so they can breathe.


A cardboard box is ideal or cat carrier. 

Wear gloves and place a small heat source (luke warm water bottle) if possible.


Take to the local vets or call a wildlife rescue like Chipping Sodbury Hedgehog Rescue

Found a hedgehog in the day

Scenario B

If a hedgehog is out in the day they are most likely in trouble and in need of help. They are nocturnal animals.

Be aware that female hedgehogs can look for extra food and nesting materials for her offspring, during late afternoon in the summer months. However she will appear active and healthy. 


If the hedgehog is not active and looks unwell then refer to scenario A. 


Found a baby hedgehog

Scenario C

If they're not in immediate danger and their eyes are open, watch from a good distance to see if the parents are nearby. 

Intervene if the mother has died and the hoglet is in immediate danger. If their eyes are closed and they are alone, and if they weigh less than 300g as they will not survive hibernating through the winter without enough fat stored. If the hoglet meets any of these criteria then refer to scenario A. 




Be mindful of hedgehogs, check under any foliage, long grass or in bushes before tending to your garden.


If you cannot get help within 24 hours or if it requires urgent medical attention then take the hedgehog to a local vet.

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