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Animal Journeys Interview with Severn Wildlife Rescue

In July 2020 we were contacted by a fantastic couple who cycled around the UK on their tandem visiting charities and rescues along the way to meet like minded people and share their experiences on their website.

Our fantastic cofounder Emily Wilson was interviewed in July 2020 by Vinny and Emeline who run the website ‘Animal Journeys’.

Here are a few quotes from the post below:

“If we have managed to achieve this in two or three months, we are super excited to see what we can achieve next year”

'Having only started the charity’s operations in May 2020, they are new, ambitious and eager to help the wildlife in the South West of the UK. The team all have experience from other rescue centres and are currently working with the Dean Farm Trust in Chepstow to build a bat flight cage to help rehabilitate bats before their release into the wild. Despite only running for a few months they are already making progress and a difference to the local wildlife, Emily adds  “If we have managed to achieve this in two or three months, we are super excited to see what we can achieve next year”.'

Sometimes it can do more harm than good”

Emily tells us of another area she hopes to create awareness and understanding, fledglings and nestling birds. Whilst these young birds may look abandoned, they may in actual fact have parents close by, and us taking in these birds may not be what is best for the bird. “Members of the public have such good intentions when it comes to rearing birds, as they are so cute” says Emily. “Crows and seagulls are very easy to feed as they are super enthusiastic, however sometimes it can do more harm than good”. 

And of course our favourite quote from the blog post:

“They can projectile poop up to a metre!”

'Cecil the seagull is also another success story they like to share. When brought into the charity he could fit into the palm of your hand, and they recall his character being “super noisy” and despite being tiny he was trying to “beat up the bigger seagulls”.  He was then taken to Vale Wildlife Hospital and grew from a small bird to a huge “monster” seagull. Emily recalls covering her rooms in newspaper whilst rehabilitating gulls in the past, “they can projectile poop up to a metre!” she laughs.'

‘Speaking to Emily Wilson at Severn Wildlife Rescue, you cannot help but feel positive about the future of British wildlife, as she is jovial even when discussing all the issues in the UK concerning wildlife. They are knowledgeable of what challenges wildlife faces, yet they focus on the successes and using what resources they have, to make real changes to animal lives.'

We are so grateful to Vinny and Emeline for having written this beautiful blog post and we look forward to working with them in the future!

To read more here is the link to the post here: Animal Journeys - Severn Wildlife Rescue

Follow them on Instagram: @animaljourneys

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